Pet-Friendly Stays

Unleash Adventure: Our Pet-Friendly Policy at Happy Valley Lodge

At Happy Valley Lodge, we understand that pets are more than just animals—they’re cherished members of the family. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome your furry companions to join you on your Ozarks adventure. Our pet-friendly policy ensures that both you and your four-legged friends can make the most of your stay, with plenty of perks and amenities designed to cater to your pet’s needs.

Benefits of Bringing Your Pet:

  1. Quality Time Together: Traveling with your pet means you can share every moment of your getaway, from exploring scenic trails to lounging by the fireplace in your cozy cabin. There’s no need to leave your beloved companion behind when they can be a part of the fun!

  2. Health and Happiness: Studies have shown that spending time with pets can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase overall happiness. By bringing your pet along, you’ll not only enjoy their company but also reap the physical and mental health benefits of having them by your side.

  3. Exploring Nature: The Ozarks are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, and having your pet with you opens up a world of adventure. From hiking through wooded trails to splashing in the crystal-clear waters of Table Rock Lake, there’s no shortage of exciting activities for you and your pet to enjoy together.

  4. Comfort of Home: Our pet-friendly accommodations ensure that your furry friend feels right at home during your stay. With pet-friendly cabins equipped with cozy beds, food and water bowls, and plenty of space to stretch out, your pet will be as comfortable as can be.

Our Pet Policy:

  • We welcome well-behaved pets of all sizes to join their owners at Happy Valley Lodge.
  • A nominal pet fee applies to cover additional cleaning costs.
  • Pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations and flea/tick prevention.
  • While exploring the lodge grounds, pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and ensuring they do not disturb other guests.

Tips for Traveling with Pets:

  1. Plan Ahead: Before your trip, make sure to pack all the essentials your pet will need, including food, water, toys, bedding, and any medications.

  2. Stay Safe: Ensure your pet is properly restrained during car rides and always keep them supervised, especially in unfamiliar environments.

  3. Be Respectful: Remember that not everyone may be a pet lover, so be mindful of other guests and follow all lodge rules regarding pets.

At Happy Valley Lodge, we believe that pets are an integral part of the family, and we’re committed to providing a welcoming and comfortable experience for both you and your furry friends. So why wait? Pack up your pet’s favorite toys and treats, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the breathtaking beauty of the Ozarks!

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