About Us

At Happy Valley Lodge, our story is woven with threads of passion, dedication, and a deep-rooted connection to the enchanting landscapes of the Ozarks.

Our Story

Happy Valley Lodge began with a shared passion for the Ozarks’ natural beauty and a commitment to creating a welcoming retreat for visitors. Brad, a lifelong Branson native, and Michelle, who fell in love with the area after many family vacations, decided to channel their love for the region into revitalizing the lodge. In 2016, Brad’s real estate expertise led them to the perfect opportunity to transform Happy Valley Lodge into a serene getaway. Joined by their friends Eddie and Mindy, who have been connected to Branson since their childhood vacations, the team combined their skills and love for the outdoors to build a haven for guests seeking peace and adventure.

Get to know Our Lodge

History of Happy Valley Lodge

Happy Valley Lodge has a rich history of hospitality, nestled in the heart of the Ozarks for decades. Originally a small, family-owned getaway, it has evolved over the years, blending its rustic charm with modern comforts to offer a serene retreat for all who visit.

Mission and Values

Our mission at Happy Valley Lodge is to provide an exceptional and memorable experience for every guest, rooted in our core values of hospitality, community, and respect for nature. We are dedicated to offering a warm, welcoming environment where visitors can relax, explore, and create lasting memories.

What Guests Can Expect

Guests at Happy Valley Lodge can expect a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure. With cozy, well-appointed cabins, breathtaking natural surroundings, and easy access to Branson’s top attractions, we ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier destination in the Ozarks for those seeking a peaceful retreat and unforgettable experiences. We strive to continuously enhance our lodge, fostering a community where guests return year after year to reconnect with nature and create cherished memories.

Meet The Owners

We can’t wait to welcome you at the Happy Valley Lodge!  We look forward to creating amazing memories for you!

As a Branson native, Brad has spent his whole life learning about the amazing sights and activities the Table Rock area has to offer. He is very knowledgeable about the surrounding counties and will definitely let you in on his favorite fishing holes and eateries. Michelle’s family developed a love of the Ozarks after vacationing to the Branson area for many years. Her family finally decided to make the move from their home in Wisconsin and relocated permanently to Branson. Brad and Michelle met in 2007 and decided this was where they wanted to stay and raise their family. Both Brad and Michelle enjoy everything the Ozarks has to offer and feel extremely blessed to raise their two children in this beautiful region. In 2016, Brad decided to try his hand at real estate. During this career move, he discovered he had a talent for helping investors either find or build the perfect nightly rental lodge. After developing a true love for the Indian Point area, Brad and Michelle decided to jump on an amazing opportunity to revamp Happy Valley Lodge and share their vision of heaven on earth right in their own backyard. ​ When Brad and Michelle are not at their kids’ sporting or school activities, you can find them at Happy Valley Lodge! It is pretty much a guarantee that if the fish are biting, you will find them down by the dock! They are so excited to join Eddie and Mindy on this venture and are ready to make your vacation one you will want to repeat year after year!
Even though Eddie and Mindy were born, raised and still reside in Kansas City, they are no strangers to Branson. They have been invested in the Branson community since 2008 and have been vacationing here since they were children in the 1970s. They are excited to have their family be a part of this amazing resort and build many memories here. Eddie, Mindy and Mikayla, along with Zoe and Buster, love the outdoors! Mikayla generally determines the family’s schedule as she is involved in multiple sports and Girl Scouts. Eddie is a home remodeler and contractor. Mindy is a middle school Social Studies teacher. Eddie and Mindy have known each other since junior high school. They love to golf and cook together – and now help run a resort!
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